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Author Topic: A few (almost) completed projects.  (Read 2895 times)

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A few (almost) completed projects.
« on: November 19, 2012, 11:30:32 AM »
  * Updated ! *

Here are some programs that i wrote and wish to share.

Sources and binaries to be found at the bottom of this post.
Re-upped everything, binaries + sources.

  Enjoy !

K-Rad tray player

*upgraded as version 1.2.8 on 05/06/2013*
Above picture is the ugly Help screen (invoked by [F1] key).

Below is the current running playlist with ugly background.

Last updated (June 2013):
- registry settings now correctly handled by the program itself (no more ".REG" file)

- Cover art support: if a "folder.jpg" file is found in the currently playing title directory,the image file is displayed for a short time (5sec.) in a tiny window at the bottom right corner of the desktop.

- "custom" tray tooltip for the systray icon, displaying ID3 tags and running time with ugly progress bar, uglee marquee title and uber ugly icons.

updt: corrected, now uses 'invalidaterect' api call, so won't cause you headaches anymore due to flickering...

- Added a "New Playlist" screen (hotkey: [F2] ) to create ordered playlists files, randomize playlist, rearrange files order by drag-and-drop, and copy audio to pocket device;
updt: fixed and improved the 'copy to pocket' procedure. Now correctly copy audio to destination and files being copied are highlighted and scrolling in the list box control. Now with an awful progress bar and see this ugly-funky about box.
here's a screenshot:

- And a lot (and i mean about a ton) of bugs now added ! Also: cleaned up the

code and commented it (a bit).
monday, 10 december 2012


bug fixes in !K-Rad tray audio player:

fixed a bug that caused the application to crash:
conflicting variables names in "tool_display" and "add_files" subroutines. ('fpos' for file position in queue was conflicting with 'xpos' and 'ypos' in pointer to tray-tip window position). Fixed by changing 'fpos' variable to 'fqueue'.

fixed a bug that caused the application to crash:
while saving a new playlist, current playing directory was changed to the latest added audio-files one, thus causing the program to look for the currently playing titles in the wrong place.  Fixed by using 'ibgetcurrentdir' and 'ibsetcurrentdir' to put and restore directories from a global variable ('playdir').
Also, improved the 'save_pls' routine to write to file AFTER the 'while' loop has produced its output. Procedure was poorly implemented at first, but is fixed now...

fixed a bug that occured while browsing audio files using [Alt]+[arrow] left/right keys. Program would spawn a few BASS streams, resulting in many titles playing altogether. Fixed by modifying the 'pick_audiofile' routine to stop Bass stream once at first then a second time if stream <> FALSE before creating a new stream. Now works correctly.

*Phew!* - Tested for a week, running almost 24h/day and has not crashed anymore. I believe !K-Rad may now be considered stable at least...   
Next step: perhaps implementing a dbase to store audiofiles infos using sqlite.dll...

     Download (sources and binaries) : see attachment. 

Last updated : November 2012
     Download (sources and binaries) : see attachment. 

Scratch Pad

Last Updated : May 2013

- added command-line support, also accept the "-install" and "-remove" switches to put a shell menu entry (right-mouse click: ->!Spad) in explorer.
- added some functionnal options with hotkeys to switch between 6 preselected fonts and more (see tootips on main GUI), renaming files inside the library is now possible (F2 key)... Also fixed path bug within "autosave" feature. Updated Help file.

- added an HTML export option accessible through right-click contextual menu (uses "unrtf.exe", cmd-line tool)
- added FTP upload support  accessible through right-click contextual menu (uses "2FTP.exe", cmd-line tool, sources included in package)

- added Mail support  accessible through right-click contextual menu (uses "snapmail.exe"(sources included in package) and "BLAT.exe", cmd-line tool); this is still a 'beta' option and hasn't been thoroughly tested yet...

- added alpha-blend to "Find" and "Find/Replace" dialogs, so user can see what's selected in the editor.
- fixed a few minor issues, improved UI  and added a function to create subfolders into the texts library and to browse through them (cf screenshot below).

Also added BLAT command line mailer to the package (though it won't work with SSL and GMail, it works on a LAN with local SMTP Server).
- Fixed and improved the "Save as..." routine; now correctly handles the last opened path using the
controlpak "ibFileRequest" command with a decent filter. Save files defaults to ".RTF" extension if none
is given.

- Fixed and improved the "Focus" sub-routine (with "ibFindWindow" and "ibWindowtoFront" commands)
- Tweaked the resources extraction routine with "ibFileExist" command to skip extraction if resource
already on disk. Now program starts way much faster at runtime...
- Removed resources deletion on program exit.
bugs report and comments welcomed
 Download (sources and binaries) : see attachment.
redsleuth |at| gmail.com   
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Offline Larry McCaughn

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Re: A few (almost) completed projects.
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2012, 02:39:22 PM »
thanks for posting
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Offline h3kt0r

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Re: A few (almost) completed projects.
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2013, 12:52:43 PM »
* Updated May 2013 *
New links to binaries and sources.
See first post...

Offline h3kt0r

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Re: A few (almost) completed projects.
« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2013, 06:34:48 AM »
* Updated June 2013 *
Major * ugly! * update for !K-Rad with funky GFX  O0  and a few minor bugs almost removed !


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