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Author Topic: OxygenBasic: New OOP BASIC like language that is also much much more  (Read 3355 times)

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Offline kryton9

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Charles Pegge, has gotten his Oxygen thinBasic module out as its own stand alone language now.
You can code in object oriented or procedurally in a BASIC syntax. It understands c headers, you can write in assembly, it can assemble changes on the fly.
It does more than I can give justice to by describing it here.

Here is the download link site: http://sourceforge.net/projects/oxygenbasic/files/

Here is a description and forum for support.

Charles is currently working on making an editor for it based on opengl. This will make it one of the most interesting code editors for those into graphics.
It comes with an SciTe editor right now, that you will probably want to customize with a user properties file.

Here is one that I used as a starting point to tweak and am still tweaking:

Offline zlatkoCB

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Re: OxygenBasic: New OOP BASIC like language that is also much much more
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2014, 03:40:48 AM »
This example represent how is easy to
use OOP in Oxygen Basic.

Code: [Select]
include "..\GDIWindow\window.inc"
Window "Consume Grow and Multiply", 640, 480, 2
sys xscreen =640, yscreen =480, i, sz
'Font 12,24,0,"courier"
sys anzahl=300

single xmitte = xscreen/2, ymitte = yscreen/2

class UnitParticle

single x,y,xv,yv,ra
sys    sz,bou,mark
byte   red,green,blue,alpha

end class

class Particles

  sys    pob,popn
  string sbuf

method index(sys i)
  pob=strptr(sbuf)+i*sizeof UnitParticle
end method

method populate(sys e)
  sys i,b
  sbuf=nuls e*sizeof UnitParticle
  pob=strptr sbuf
  for i=0 to <e
    pob+=sizeof UnitParticle
end method

method rebirth()
  single r,a
  @this = pob
  x     = xmitte
  y     = ymitte
  a     = rand(1,628)*.01
  r     = rand(20,100)*.02
  xv    = r*cos(a)*.5
  yv    = r*sin(a)*.5
  ra    = rand(9,12)
  red   = rand(0,60)
  green = rand(100,250)
  blue  = rand(160,250)
  bou   = 0
  mark  = 0
end method

method outside() as sys
  if x<0 or y<0 or x>=xscreen or y>=yscreen then return 1
end method

method MergeContact(sys j) as sys
  sys k=strptr sbuf
  particles *p
  float c,g
  sys i,e=popn-1
  if bou=0 then return 0 'no interaction
  if mark then return 0
   for i=0 to e
   if i<>j
    @p=k+i*sizeof UnitParticle
    if p.mark=0 and p.bou=1
     c=hypot(x-p.x, y-p.y)
     if c<ra then
      g=hypot( ra, p.ra )
      if ra>=p.ra then
       p.mark=1 'off field
       ra=g     'grow
       mark=1   'off field
       p.ra=g   'grow
       exit for 'early exit
      end if
     end if
    end if
   end if
end method

method progeny(sys j)
  sys i,c,q
  sys id=@this, e=popn-1, k=strptr sbuf
  particles *p
  if bou=0 or mark=1 then return
  if ra>50 then 'size threshhold
   for i=0 to e
    if i<>j
     @p=k+i*sizeof UnitParticle
     if p.mark then
      if c >30 then exit for 'limit progeny
      p.x=x : p.y=y
      ra=10 'remaining size after giving birth
     end if
    end if
  end if
end method

method setmark(sys a)
end method

method move()
  x += xv
  y += yv
end method

method bounce()
  sys c
  if x>=xscreen
    xv=-xv : x=xscreen-1 : c=1
  elseif x<=0
    xv=-xv : x=1 : c=2
  end if
  if y>=yscreen
    yv=-yv : y=yscreen-1 : c=3
  elseif y<=0
    yv=-yv : y=1 : c=4
  end if
  if c
    bou=1 'activate
  end if
end method

method show()
  if bou=0 then
    Oval x-ra, y-ra, sz, sz, 0, red+120, 0
    Oval x-ra, y-ra, sz, sz, red, green, blue
  end if
end method

method act(sys i)
  index i
  if outside then
  end if
  progeny i
  MergeContact i
end method

end class

sys c
particles pa
pa.populate anzahl

While Key(27)=0
ClsColor 80,0,0
for i=0 to <anzahl
  pa.act i
WaitFPS 80


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